I hereby enter a 18-month partnership agreement with Elevation Association. 

Elevation Association Agrees to:

  1. Provide dental analytic software for 18-months.

  2. Provide weekly practice analysis and suggestions.

  3. Provide monthly data reports.

  4. Provide monthly collaboration meetings.

  5. Provide quarterly and annual planning meetings. 

  6. Provide collaboration and support.

The Client Hereby Agree to do the Following: 

  1. Install the dental analytic software provided by Elevation Association.

  2. Complete the Peak Progression Plan that Elevation Association will provide.

  3. Participate in weekly meetings and implement suggestions that fit within the culture of the client's practice. 

  4. Attend monthly Zoom meetings and be an active participating member. 

  5. Attend and participate in quarterly and annual meetings.

  6. Pay $2500.00 USD per month.

Elevation Association