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Up to a $100,000 Value Report for FREE and a NON-COMMITTAL Consultation

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Free Growth Report
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Discover where you are losing money, where you need to Focus, & where you rank Nationally

Elevation Association

What is a Growth Report?

A growth report consists of the previous 365 days of data extracted from your practice management software. We identify growth opportunities in Hygiene, Imaging, Fee Schedules, Exams, Periodontal and Restorative Care Treatment.

We also rank your practice against more than 7000 national practices to help you to identify areas where you are doing well & areas where you can improve.


Why You Should Get One

1. Identifies opportunities within your practice. 

2. Helps you to know where you are doing well and where improvement is needed in specific areas of your practice.

3. Enables you to make data driven decisions for your business.

4. Shows you how you can use it to make and track improvements in these areas using dental software, Dental Intel.

Ryan Elevation Association

How the Process works

1. Fill out the form below 

2. We will send you an email with a link to download Dental Intel Software.

3. Open the email on your practice server. Follow the instructions to download the software.

4. We will gather the data and compile it into a growth report.

5. We will schedule a zoom call to review the results together.

Free Growth Report

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