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Check out our partners' metrics over the past 12 months. Are you ready to elevate your practice & your life? Fill out our partner application to get your journey started.

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Elevation Association


Elevation Association
Elevation Association
Elevation Association

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We realize that life is about more than our practices. We exist to elevate your practice, assist you as a leader to live the life you want, all while helping you leave a lasting legacy that matters. Come join us in helping each other do and be more.

How it all 


How it Works

We take the guesswork out of the business management of your practice by providing systems and services for streamlining, organizing, goal setting, and profit mining through a proven process of success.


First, you will go through our onboarding process, which takes about a week.

After the onboarding process is completed, we will embark on an 18-month partnership with you and your practice to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Membership includes analytics software, weekly accountability sessions, monthly data reports, quarterly and annual planning sessions, and online collaboration meetings with other members of Elevation Association.


  • Months 1-3: We'll focus on integrating & implementing Elevation Association's Peak Progression Plan.

  • Months 4-18: We'll work 1-on-1 with you to increase the production, collections, and profits of your practice.

Cost of membership: $2500 per month (roughly the cost of two crowns). 

After the first 18 months, members can roll into a month-to-month maintenance agreement for the same price.

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”

Elevation Association Peak Progression
Elevation Association
Peak Progression
Elevation Association

"I have been working with Elevation Association for my practice since Mid-June 2020. As far as practice coaching goes, I was a little worried wondering how my team would respond as we made some necessary office adjustments to the way we do things. Ryan, the managing partner,  helped me to find the right approach to take with my team. After meeting as a team and explaining exactly what the new expectations are, I was pleasantly surprised by my team’s willingness and excitement to make the needed changes to help grow the practice. Since the initial changes, with Elevation Association's help, my practice production has grown 30-40% per month when compared to last year’s production in the same months. We have already caught up with production from last year, and my office was shut down for 6 weeks due to Covid 19.

Through our regular meetings, Ryan has helped me see certain key indicators in my practice, where we are succeeding, where we need to focus, and things we need to improve upon. Early on, we talked about setting practice goals. As we talked, Ryan encouraged me to set some high goals that I did not think would be attainable. However, as I met with my team and got everyone on the same page, we decided to keep those goals and see what we could do. We have been able to accomplish many of the goals I once thought out of reach. My practice has grown tremendously and will continue to grow thanks significantly to the opportunities I have received through Elevation Association and coaching by Ryan Passey. I would gladly recommend both to anyone that wants to grow their practice and see rapid results!" - Laighton Jones, DMD

Elevation Association
Elevation Association
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